Clash of Clans Update – All updates day by day

The following refresh is coming soon and it’s an ideal opportunity to accumulate exceedingly critical data in one place.

It’s hard to perceive what’s coming considering Supercell doesn’t have a settled timetable for their updates or a settled guide for new components. They appear to work pretty much with “it’s done when it’s set” (in any event they stay with what they say it will be).

Nonetheless, there is dependably refresh information that gets tossed out before the official declaration comes. This can incorporate extractions from the diversion code, designer productions in the official discussion, or from individuals who are under NDA with Supercell (some YouTubers, Forum Administrators or other individuals).

“Find the latest new about the June 2017 Update here:”

I’m not one of those, so I’m not bound to any controls. I can post anything I need and that is my specialty.

I will dependably check any break I find and on the off chance that I see one that bodes well from a trustful source, I will quickly indicate it here – additionally anticipate that me will demonstrate fake holes and disclose to you why they are fakes.

Conflict of Clans June 2017 Update

Note: Due to many solicitations I changed the request from the base (old) to top (latest). In case you’re going to this page surprisingly and need to get the entire story, you’ll have to begin from the base.

New Level Balancing Update (June nineteenth, 2017)

Another refresh will bring some new level for our Town Halls in addition to at long last live watching Versus Battles for our Builder Bases:

NEW: Cannon level 15 (TH11)

Gun levels 10-14 overhaul time or cost has been marked down

NEW: Archer Tower level 15 (TH11)

Toxophilite Tower levels 9-14 overhaul time or cost has been marked down

NEW: Inferno Tower level 5 (TH11)

Inferno Tower levels 2-4 overhaul time or cost has been reduced

Inferno Tower level 4 multi-mode harm has been expanded

Inferno Tower single-mode first stage harm has been changed to coordinate multi-mode harm

New Offensive substance refreshes

On the other hand, we have likewise included extra levels alongside adjust updates to the accompanying Troops to guarantee extra hostile power is accessible too.

NEW: P.E.K.K.A. level 6 (TH11)

P.E.K.K.A. update time or expenses have been marked down over ALL levels

NEW: Wizard level 8 (TH11)

Wizard levels 6-7 redesign time or expenses have been marked down

NEW: Healer level 5 (TH11)

Finally, the hotly anticipated new Healer level is here!

NEW: Miner level 5 (TH11)

Mineworker update time or expenses have been marked down over ALL levels

Digger level 3 is currently accessible at Town Hall 10 (was at TH11)

Digger levels 2-5 hitpoints have been expanded

NEW: Wall Breaker level 7 (TH11)

Divider Breaker overhaul time or expenses have been marked down over ALL levels

Winged serpent levels 4-6 hitpoints have been expanded

Hoard Rider levels 6-7 hitpoints have been expanded

Developer Base

Another Optional Bugfix Update (June eighth, 2017)

Another discretionary Bugfix Update is taking off, make a point to introduce it so observe the accompanying issues comprehended:

Settled a Wall issue that made dividers be tossed once again into the stock in the wake of sparing design in alter mode

Enhancements for low end iOS gadgets not reacting to all touch presses (most discernible at max zoom on iPhone 4/4S, for instance)

Manufacturer Base camera is currently focused to the town in replays (simply like in fight, visit and home)

Manufacturer Base replays now play appropriate music (used to play home town fight music)

Other server fixes!

  • NEW: Watch Live!


Support 07/06 – Bug and Server Fixes

The support break today to settle two or three bugs:

In uncommon cases, the Friendly War design would seem discharge amid War day (no structures to assault = assault would end in 0%) – It’s fixed now, sad for the burden!

Other server fixes (incorporates little changes to the best player matchmaking code)

Discretionary Bugfix Update (May 31st, 2017)

A discretionary refresh (variant 9.24.7) is gradually taking off to the application stores, and this fix contains the accompanying fixes:

Fix to a crash that happens in the Builder Base (when returning from a fight and crash while going to/in matchmaking);

Concealed Tesla lights are currently covered up in assault, replays and when going by (Tesla will at present show up without lights for claim family individuals on visit);

Faction War individuals determination list is presently arranged utilizing home town trophies;

Inbox catch is presently likewise appeared in the Builder Base;

Other visual changes!

Refresh Feedback (May 27th, 2017)

Engineers View (May 24th, 2017)

With all the buildup and dissatisfaction among numerous Clashers, the Developers have discharged an announcement to give us their view. You should give this a read.

Day by day Loot Cap (May 23rd, 2017)

I think Supercell presumably envisioned the arrival of the refresh a little uniquely in contrast to it turned out. Shockingly, many people are amazingly baffled by the new refresh and the new Builder Base.

The majority of them are irate about the every day remunerate top that exclusive permits 3 triumphs for each day with plunder.

I for one did around 100 fights yesterday. It’s fun and I pushed up trophies a tiny bit, however there’s most likely Supercell needs to change something about that day by day top. Either by making us pay for each versus fight we begin (either by means of asset costs for troops or specifically charge when hitting the catch) or move the every day top up a great deal.

With all the thunder of the most recent 24 hours about the day by day top, I’m certain that Supercell will adjust a few things soon to not give their greatest refresh a chance to suffocate in antagonism.

To be completely forthright, and this is my closely-held conviction as a player, I truly like the new mode and furthermore the optional base, yet the top is slaughtering it as it’s backing it off to a great degree.

New Village and Troops (May 22nd, 2017)

In the AppStore trailer, you can see that there will be new troops and your auxiliary town will resemble this:

Refresh SUPER SOON (May 21st, 2017)

The sum total of what pointers have been guiding us that the huge Update will get discharged in the following couple of days – and now the official discussions additionally affirm that.

I know many feel that tomorrow will convey a last refresh to the post and after that refresh will occur on Tuesday – however please remember that Lach has no last refresh date himself.

The refresh itself will most likely likewise bring a long Maintenance Break (The TH11 Update had 4+ hours, the Clan War Update too), and amid that time Supercell needs to do a considerable measure of stuff and that necessities greatly clean work ahead of time, so it can likewise take somewhat more (so Wednesday and Thursday is reasonable also).

Keep it together, we’re to a great degree close.

Welcome to our BUILDER BASE!

Chiefs’ Log Day 5 Released (May twentieth, 2017)

The last secret video just got discharged and the Hog Rider finaly achieved the new land – not telling much and it’s really the video that got released one week prior, yet it’s the last mystery video and the refresh is getting closer and closer.


Adjusting Changes Announced (May eighteenth, 2017)

Supercell simply declared the adjusting changes that will be discharged alongside the watercraft refresh in May:

“Hello Chief!

As you most likely are aware we are chipping away at a huge refresh, totally unique in relation to each other refresh and we couldn’t be more eager to indicate it to you (soon!).

Meanwhile, find out about the adjusting refresh for your home town that will go inhabit an indistinguishable time from the BIG refresh! This round spotlights on controlling up late-diversion spells and helping the granulate through Town Hall level 9.”

The Balancing Changes are:

NEW: Clone Spell level 5 (Town Hall 11)

Clone Spell levels 1-5 clone limit expanded • Clone Spell level 3 now accessible at Town Hall 10

Frail Clone Spells are disappointing, particularly at Town Hall 10, so we’ve opened additionally cloning limit. The most up to date Clone Spell achieves 40 limit, giving you a chance to get 8 Balloons or even 2 Dragons for every spell!

NEW: Freeze Spell level 6 (Town Hall 11)

When going head to head against the Eagle Artillery, each second of a Freeze Spell numbers. The most up to date level gives your troops the time they require.

NEW: Heal Spell level 7 (Town Hall 10)

The utility of Heal Spells turns out to be very constrained against the mend blocking impacts of the Inferno Tower. Another level will help make those mending openings all the more convincing.

seventh Gold Mine and Elixir Collector now accessible at Town Hall 9 (was 10)

Assets are tight on Town Hall 9, so giving prior access to these gatherers will help facilitate the crush.

Bomb harm expanded

This exceptionally imperative change guarantees that one Bomb will dependably obliterate a Wall Breaker of equivalent level.

Inflatable assault rate expanded

Inflatables have delighted in high utilize rates since their most recent “quick drop” adjusting. This change doesn’t influence the speed of the quick drop or harm every second, except an expanded assault rate implies each bomb does less harm. This relaxes their underlying assault, yet makes follow-up assaults happen sooner.

Redesign Time/Cost Discounts:

Stop Spell levels 1-5

Clone Spell levels 1-5

Mend Spell levels 4-5

New Troop or not? (May seventeenth, 2017)

water troop clash of clans

Another advertisement battle from Supercell propelled in Korea and since it was circumventing the web, individuals are examining in case we’re seing another troop there or if that is simply sprinkle water.

loading screen leak
Clearly, it’s the Barbarian from the underlying trailer who kept running into the water.

This discourse is just the same old thing new, since the spilled stacking screen likewise had something comparable on it (foot of the primary Barbarian):

stacking screen spill

I for one don’t expect another troop, since something water related would fit for the new Versus-Battles that we will get in the refresh and wouldn’t be valuable for the standard assaults in Multiplayer or Clan War (as there is no water).

In any case, it looks not precisely like sprinkle water and it likewise can be something.

What do you think?

Refresh Not This Week and Versus Mode Confirmed (May fifteenth, 2017)

Another week in the refresh thunder and it begins off with the last notice that the refresh won’t be discharged for this present week – not that huge of a shock with 2 mystery recordings (in addition to some other sort of see) being still in line.

The additionally intriguing certainty is that Lach confirmed “Versus Battles”. Presently before finished building up anything, this can mean a great deal and the new diversion mode should be some sort of versus fights – yet this doesn’t imply that this will be live fights, if various individuals are assaulting a base in the meantime… Bottom line it’s a similar like the previous 2-3 weeks, just things that are not telling that much.

I truly begin becoming weary of this… is it so difficult to demonstrate simply anything particular?!

Toward the end, it affirms a release found in a few streams that have been taken disconnected directly after this was spotted:

Mystery Video #4 (May fifteenth, 2017)

The fourth Teaser Video is additionally discharged (and again not being fascinating by any means):

The 4th Teaser Video is also released (and again not being interesting at all):

Mystery Video #3 (May eleventh, 2017)

The third out of five mystery recordings just got discharged and it demonstrates the Hog Rider being exhausted on the pontoon.

It doesn’t indicate anything new (yet I didn’t expect anything after the talk of the previous days, see underneath), figure we need to set ourself up to have some additionally exhausting days with no data before us 🙁

being bored on the boat.

Refresh Planned For May and 3 More Teaser Videos Coming (May eleventh, 2017)

Yesterday’s announcement started a few sections of the group foreseeing that the refresh is not made arrangements for May by any means (see underneath), so twister confirmed that the refresh was wanted to be discharged in May and still is.

Additionally, the page where you can agree to accept SMS notice when the refresh gets discharged has now expanded join until May fifteenth also, while looking down, demonstrating the up and coming secret recordings that we can anticipate:

chiefs log mystery recordings conflict of groups

Dissimilar to the chinese site asserted, it won’t be 7 recordings altogether, it will be 5:

Chief’s Log #1: So Far, So Good

Chief’s Log #2: Do You Think They’ll Like Me?

Chief’s Log #3: Time Is Ticking

Chief’s Log #4: Sing A Happy Song (Not Released Yet)

Chief’s Log #5: What’s That On The Horizon (Not Released Yet)

I don’t think it will be a major astonishment when I anticipate that we will see Teaser #3 either today or tomorrow and the other two one week from now.

Refresh Not Delayed (May tenth, 2017)

Without any Captains Log #3 being distributed today (up until now), the group state of mind in the official discussion got somewhat baffled and some even guaranteed that there might have been some more serious issues with it so Supercell is venturing on the break in distributing the secret recordings.

Presently twister, himself likewise being an official gathering mod, has been expressing that the refresh is still in the “objective window” that Supercell was going for.

new friends he could meet in the new world.

refresh delay

The thing is, we’re not by any stretch of the imagination whining if the refresh takes somewhat more until the point that it’s getting discharged (that has been some way or another conspicuous from the earliest starting point), the thing we’re (counting me) getting disappointed is that we don’t get ANY sort of data what really matters to this will all.

I can sit tight for 2 more weeks, yet I’d jump at the chance to get a few bits of knowledge into what Supercell made arrangements for this refresh – notwithstanding when it’s not prepared it’s sufficient to simply give us some strong subtle elements. Some Youtubers have been permitted to play it weeks prior, so it is in a state where something can be appeared.

one from the Broken Boat).

New Achievement Confirmed (May tenth, 2017)

In festivity of the 10,000th post in the One and ONLY Update Thread in the official gatherings, Lach was sufficiently liberal to give us a gander at the new accomplishment we’re getting (great, at any rate it’s recently the name).

Un-Build IT accomplishment

Suprise! It’s additionally not disclosing to ANYTHNG particular.

If it’s not too much trouble stop before you think this implies we will have the capacity to expel things from our base (as frequently asked for in the dialog about designed bases), as this would be recently super counter-profitable and furthermore against the primary driver of the diversion – developing your base.

broken boat clash of clans village
broken boat in clash of clans village may update

It rather appears as though we won’t not see the entire “new world” appropriate from the earliest starting point and we may need to uncover (=unbuild) it or what’s covering it. On the off chance that you played Boom Beach you may recollect that you need to uncover the mists from the guide and I think it will go toward this path.

Would we be able to please get ANYTHING particular now in the wake of getting built up for a considerable length of time? I for one get exhausted by the buildup and just passed the point where I’m truly anticipating it – every one of these secrets and not-telling-anything things from Supercell simply pester me and I have an awful feeling that the following scene of “The Captains Log” will be not indicating anything not one or the other.

 hype us to the limit this time.

No Teaser Today (May ninth, 2017)

It would seem that there won’t be any mystery video today, so ideally we will see tomorrow more. Appears like all bits of gossip around every day recordings during the current week have been off-base.

Secret Video #2 (May eighth, 2017)

The second Teaser Video has recently been discharged and it demonstrating the Hog Rider discussing new companions he could meet in the new world.

It’s still hard to get that any association with the new components, yet I question this is simply something not identified with the refresh. Does new companions mean we’re going to see Clan Alliances? Or, then again may it truly imply that there will be extra spots for more family individuals for CLan advantages 11-15?

Likewise it’s not 100% day any longer in the video, the sun is starting to go down – is this additionally a move towards nightmode?

This video is again making not noting any inquiry, so I trust that the following video (ideally tomorrow) will bring all the more light into this entire refresh highlight list!

Something else I need to say is the connection that few individuals posted so distant from “” indicating spots for 7 secret recordings:

kunlun conflict of families

I simply need to tell you this is no official Supercell site, so it’s not 100% beyond any doubt that there will be 7 mystery recordings. In any case, I need to concede that it would fit consummately in the calendar when every single other video are getting discharged for the current week until the point when Friday and some of the time one week from now we will see the refresh getting discharged. All things considered, it’s NOT official!

Holes and so on. (May eighth, 2017)

It was quite quiet amid the end of the week with respect to the refresh (which was alright for me as I was remaining in bed being wiped out), however a considerable lot of you sent me a great deal of hole joins and pictures.

I truly value your push to contribute, however I wasn’t posting them so far because that they are not genuine.

I do now expound on it after such a large number of individuals think they are genuine, to reveal to you that they are most certainly not.

You can discover numerous varieties out there and in the official gathering, the arbitrators as of now said that they are not genuine and onle one thing on there (aside from the FACT that there will be a watercraft) is valid. So neither the new amusement method of the broken watercraft nor whatever other elements have been uncovered up until now!

This is what they incorporate (I can’t post each of the 20 or what varieties I’ve seen up until now):

conflict of families refresh break may 2017

Obviously there are other discussing other included troop levels thus yet at the same time they are not genuine and if something on the rundown is valid, as indicated by the mediators of the official gathering, this is unadulterated happenstance.

The motivation behind why is just on the grounds that Supercell discounted bringing new amusement related buffs to higher Clan Perks (they conceded that the ones right now are now too effective), giving assets to others is additionally to a great degree impossible as they once said they could never execute something to that effect. The same about new banners…

You see some individual has transformed an individual list of things to get into a release and I’m anxious we should hold up a couple more days until the point that we comprehend what’s truly coming.

This is additionally expressed by Clash with Ash (and he knows as he has played the new refresh himself 2-3 weeks back):

Refresh Date (May sixth, 2017)

The refresh won’t occur until May eleventh, as indicated by Lach:

may refresh date

Supercell never released a report on days other than Tuesday – Thursday and the May eleventh is one week from now Thursday.

I expect we’ll truly need to hold up until the week after.

To start with Update Teaser (May fifth, 2017)

Alright we effectively heard that there won’t be customary Sneak Peeks for this refresh (in all likelihood), however there’s a first Teaser Trailer (well, really the second when you number the one from the Broken Boat).

Sadly, it’s not telling that much up until this point, pretty much the pontoon will take us to another world.

I heard that Supercell will discharge one of these trailers at regular intervals and that the genuine refresh will come in the week of May fifteenth (NOT affirmed! Be that as it may, I thought I say it as this source has been doing solid counsel before). For this situation I want to think not, unless the following 9 Teasers will be significantly all the more fascinating 🙁

Refresh Alert by means of SMS (May fifth, 2017)

Supercell just propelled a refresh benefit for the up and coming refresh that will advise you once the refresh is live.

Shocked that somebody is as yet doing this nowadays, yet the additionally fascinating actuality about it is, that this advancement is finishing on May11th, 12pm. It could be conceivable this is the time when Supercell ships the initial segment of the refresh.

I’m by and by persuaded that this refresh will contain various parts and not every one of them will be discharged in the meantime, however that is only an inclination that I have.

Not by any means Sneak Peeks? (May fifth, 2017)

It would appear that we won’t see Sneak Peeks in the customary way we’re accustomed to as per the official discussion post:

no sneak looks may 2017 refresh

Broken Boat Event Coming? (May fourth, 2017)

The official refresh string in the discussion is going to achieve 500 pages. It’s ending up plainly difficult to keep up. Fadeyr just demonstrated to me that Lach, an official discussion arbitrator and somebody who definitely recognizes what really matters to this entire watercraft thing, recently showed that there’s a reason this softened vessel is as of now up our town and it may very well be there for buildup.

purpose behind broken watercraft

The buildup is now fermenting. There are more than 20 million perspectives on the official secret on YouTube (such a great amount for the subject bits of gossip Clash of Clans is dead). Be that as it may, what will the following stages be and when will they happen?

The Youtubers are as of now in Finland again and traveled on a pontoon yesterday. That is no fortuitous event and you needn’t bother with much creative energy to see that something is in progress.

Back to the point, Lachs’ remark truly made them think. I trust the watercraft is not only there for the buildup and I think Supercell may be arranging some sort of enormous discharge occasion of the refresh.

My own desire:

It additionally would be pleasant to see an occasion where all players around the globe would need to accumulate a specific measure of Stars to open the watercraft all around with one-time exceptional prizes and the sky is the limit from there.

Primary concern, it’s coherent that Supercell needs to praise their greatest refresh ever with the greatest occasion and greatest buildup ever.

Give the demonstrate a chance to start, we’re prepared for it 🙂

Softened Boat Up Your Village (May third, 2017)

shipwreck leak artwork

You need to concede that Supercell dependably has a comical inclination. They let the softened pontoon show up everybody’s town only a hour back with no earlier notice and it prompts the wreck trailer that got spilled yesterday.

broken pontoon conflict of families town

softened pontoon up conflict of families town may refresh

The first in-amusement Sneak Peek and they are ABOAT (sorry for that one, couldn’t hold it) to buildup us as far as possible this time.

It’s getting increasingly fascinating and I’m aboat (alright this was the last one, guaranteed!) to show at least a bit of kindness assault now.

I trust the “no Sneak Peeks this week” declaration in the official refresh sticky string in the official gathering on Monday was only a mislead to persuade they wouldn’t begin them this week.

Considering the trailer was spilled yesterday and the softened pontoon was included the amusement, it appears this has been arranged a while and is nothing that is pulled off with a solitary snap of a catch.

war base proofreader broken ship

It’s additionally inside the War Base editorial manager, conceivably in light of the fact that it’s quite recently situated there for the time being and with no usefulness.

That is presumably the clarification how they got it into the diversion without driving any AppStore/Play Store refresh.

The mystery and the war base unmistakably talk against any sort of assault from the coastline, it’s tied in with going some place.

discharge date may refresh conflict of tribes

Anoushka additionally expressed in the gatherings that there is no ETA (evaluated time of entry) at this moment. I’m composing this since yesterday it was supposed that the refresh won’t come until June.

Once more, she’s not daying it will be June, but rather that we shouldn’t think all that we listen.

There are some energizing days before us (if not by any means weeks). I simply trust my hearth hold up and I won’t get a heart assault! XD

Promo Video Leak (May second, 2017)

spAnser figured out how to release the new promo video for Clash of Clans. Nothing that intriguing in it, however looks great. We’re setting sail! 🙂

I would prefer not to go as far to state the dusk in the video is pointing towards nightmode, yet it would be a major fortuitous event if not 🙂

Refresh: Thanks to cruzo here’s the full video with sound.

shipwreck clash of clans update 2017
“Hoard Rider: Hey everybody, what do you believe is on the opposite side of the ocean?

Pig: I don’t have a clue. (continues to stroll off)

Wizard: First of all, how would we arrive?

(they thoroughly consider their plans)

Hoard Rider: Hey Barbarian, benefit you have in any way thoughts?

(Savage keeps running into the ocean)

Wizard: It seems as though we’ll be utilizing a pontoon.

Pig: That’s privilege!

What’s more, the content toward the end just says: “What’s on the opposite side of the ocean?””

Refresh Gets Polished Off and No Sneak Peeks This Week (May second, 2017)

I have some uplifting news and some terrible news for you folks.

Fortunately the refresh is currently completed regarding components (and bugs are settled), yet there is still some additional time expected to get everything in the perfect place.

Supercell will in any case require a couple of more days before they can submit it to the AppStore for audit. At the point when this is done, they are prepared to give us the Sneak Peeks.

may refresh sneak looks

This focuses me to the awful news, as this progression will most likely take the following couple of days. They effectively expressed that there won’t be any Sneak Peeks this week.

In any case, we definitely know now that the last strides are dealing with and this implies we can ideally observe Sneak Peeks one week from now (if nothing insane terrible occurs in the middle).

New Troop Leak (Not) (April 30th, 2017)

Another craftsmanship flown up on Reddit and a few people simply brought up it’s another troop:

After a little research, unmistakably it’s from the official Clash of Clans Website of Korea (see it here), making it neither a genuine hole nor something new – it’s a Hog Rider (and the site demonstrates a Wizard and a Barbarian also).

new troop conflict of families may 2017 refresh

False caution.

Sneak Peek Leak (April 29th, 2017)

This photo from a Chinese source is circumventing the web of late and it would seem that either a Sneak Peek or another stacking screen for either the amusement or the new world we can see when utilizing the ship.

conflict of tribes may refresh sneak look spill

Because of Osin for pointing me at this.

To the extent I did it get appropriate from individuals who speak Chinese the photo says:

a moment enormous world

night mode

refresh at no other time seen

(in case you’re speaking Chinese please let me know in the remarks if that is correct or not!)

I’m a little shocked about the night mode thing, however please remember that setting the additional content can likewise be something that some person included!

Here are likewise some fascinating things I saw inside the picture:

stacking screen spill

I think the seastar won’t another troop, it’s only there to help the nautic subject.

What’s additionally fascinating is the tribe (or other) images on the ship, demonstrating if this new thing is something you will find alone or with your family.

Before the main Barbarian you see something like a skull, yet it can likewise be an irregular thing that the sprinkling water makes.

The most vital thing I’ve seen is the purple thing the Goblin is remaining on that I can by no means tell what it is. Galadon utilized the expression “Totem” however I can’t tell if something like Totems will come to Clash of Clans

No Changes Regarding Engineered Bases This Update (April 27th, 2017)

I was investigating what Supercell will do about built bases and discovered some fascinating confirmation (in addition to official help said that there won’t be an adjustment in this refresh). Read the full story here:


The Future of Engineered Bases – What Will Supercell Do?

It will be a May Update… ? (April 25th, 2017)

In the official gathering, there’s an official refresh string and it just got refreshed minutes prior. Lamentably, regardless it says that Sneak Peeks won’t be this week:

conflict of factions may 2017 refresh

Likewise, on the off chance that you haven’t watched Clash with Ash’s most recent video talking about some refresh stuff, (I suggest you watch) there’s no enormous news in it, however it is extremely engaging.

Ideally I’m ready to impart some new stuff to you soon.

Somewhat more time required (April twentieth, 2017)

At last after over 1 month of aggregate hush, Supercell ends the quiet with the declaration that they are as yet not exactly completed to disclose to us what’s coming but rather they appear to be near it:

Take after

Conflict of Clans ✔ @ClashofClans

Hello Chief! We know you’re eager to hear more news about the refresh, yet we’re not exactly prepared yet. It will be considerably greater and…

5:29 PM – 20 Apr 2017

475 Retweets 2,531 preferences

Twitter Ads data and security

Take after

Conflict of Clans ✔ @ClashofClans

…we can hardly wait to impart it to you! We value your understanding so stay tuned! Conflict On!

5:29 PM – 20 Apr 2017

360 Retweets 2,205 preferences

Twitter Ads information and security

This is supporting my theory that they have been taking a shot at something that changed a considerable measure since the principal thought and after that ended up being significantly greater than they would have anticipated.

It’s been the longest time for another component refresh in the historical backdrop of Clash of Clans, so I trust the new stuff will meet the desires and bring a ton of cool new stuff.

Presently these two tweets are not uncovering much with the exception of than revealing to us it’s not prepared yet (amaze, else it would have been discharged), however the official German record on Facebook shared some more subtle elements (on account of Christian for pointing that out on Twitter):

conflict of families refresh news

“… not the same as every single other refresh earlier… ” makes it to a great degree intriguing as I would see it. We got a wide range of updates in the previous years, highlighting Clan War, presenting Dark Elixir, new Hero, new Town Halls, changing the way shields work and substantially more – all in all, what can be totally unique in relation to that?!

New Shipwreck Info and Feature Info? (April thirteenth, 2017)

At long last something new – I discovered this craftsmanship circumventing the web that unmistakably demonstrates the ship. It’s far-fetched this is a photoshop fake since the fine art is extremely expert and Supercell-like.

wreck spill work of art

Additionally, the wreck in stone here is not the same as the spilled records we saw (just marginally, yet at the same time not the same).

Additionally, the gamefiles now demonstrate something many refer to as “Change Village”

change town in conflict of families new element

The central issue now is, the thing that happens when we do this? Will we have one more second town, possibly one that we are constructing together with our tribe?

I don’t know to what extent I can stand this holding up and simply need to get some data soon.

Incidentally, here you can see the entire story behind the wreck spills:


Wreck Truth in Clash of Clans

Bugfixing Update (March thirteenth, 2017)

Some of you may have been astounded today with an Update warning for Clash of Clans. I was shocked also, however this is only a little refresh to settle bugs and glitches that over 99% of us didn’t find out about (and even less were influenced by).

conflict of families bug settle refresh walk thirteenth 2017

This is likewise a discretionary refresh, which means you can even now play the diversion without installing.

Support for Balancing Update Finished (March eighth, 2017)

The Maintenance Break for the Update is done and you won’t have to introduce any refresh from the AppStore/Play Store.

So primary concern no genuine huge changes, the Miners and Witches are the main troops that will see a genuine advantage. As I would see it, Dragon and PEKKA buffs are simply restorative and the 15 expansion hitpoints for Hog Riders are, with all because of regard, a joke.

The more imperative part is that War Weights for the War matchmaking have been changed too, to close the crevice amongst TH9 and TH10! The Witches Level 3 measure significantly less and redesigning existing X-Bows and Inferno Towers will now additionally include significantly less weight.

You can discover the refreshed weights here:


War Weight Calculator and Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars (Updated!)

Wreck News! (Walk seventh, 2017)

I know a large number of your believed that the wreck could never be coming to Clash of Clans, yet only a couple of hours back the official Japanese Clash of Clans Twitter account posted their declaration of the Balancing Change for tomorrow:

wreck conflict of factions refresh 2017

Do you see the ship out of sight? It’s obviously the one we’ve been finding in the past breaks and it’s not the first occasion when that Supercell gave minor insights in their Japanese Twitter Account.

Read here the full tale about the wreck:


Wreck Truth in Clash of Clans

Adjusting Changes and New Air Defense Level (March seventh, 2017)

In the event that you expected some huge refresh data, you may have been astounded when Supercell discharged that there will be an adjusting refresh in March.

With all due respect, they likewise expressed that there will be a greater refresh they are as yet chipping away at which is “coming soon”, so I think this adjusting is simply to change out the amusement a bit before they discharge their enormous refresh.

It would seem that they confront some more issues with their huge refresh, so they would prefer not to get the weight increasingly elevated.

This is what we will get:

NEW: Air barrier level 9 (TH 11)

Air Defense levels 4-8 update cost and time diminished

With abnormal state air armed forces picking up footing, it’s at last time to discharge a VIVIDLY shaded TH11 Air Defense.

Divider level 12 constrain expanded by 25 (TH11)

More level 12 Walls implies more choices for protecting TH11 formats!

Hoard Rider levels 5-7 hitpoints expanded

Mineworker hitpoints expanded (all levels)

Regardless of whether as first-strike or bolster units, both Hog Rider and Miner will appreciate some survivability changes with this HP support.

Mythical beast levels 4-6 harm expanded

P.E.K.K.A levels 3-5 harm expanded

The testing errand of getting these abnormal state control hitters to your prize target will be all the sweeter with these harm buffs!

Witch generating rate expanded

A general individual from our adjusting refreshes, the Witch is presently getting a lift to what makes

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