best food in kasol (manali) The 10 Best Kasol Restaurants of 2017

After an awesome gastronomical excursion in Manali, we took an early morning taxi to Kasol – the small scale Israel in India. We cleared out Old Manali with a blended pack of feelings. I was anticipating investigating Kasol, however was dismal to leave Old Manali. What’s more, keeping in mind the end goal to rest easy, I chose to remain up amid the voyage. I needed to feel the natural air, take a gander at apple plantations, rich green mountains and absorb myself the refreshing daylight. We ceased quickly, for some fiery and consistently consoling Aloo Paranthas. It was around 11 AM that we achieved Kasol.




All of a sudden the outside air turned trippy, the apple plantations were supplanted with German Bakeries and I could never again feel the moderate daylight. Arranged on the banks of Parvati River, Kasol is swarm with Israeli voyagers. Such is their quality that local people and restaurateurs have grasped their nourishment, dialect and culture like their own. You get the opportunity to see Shakshukas, Zatar naan, msabbha, falafel and tahina, eggplants with mayonnaise for all intents and purposes on each menu.

Since my kin and I were there for a day, we needed to take advantage of it. As we meandered around, we saw a few people smoking pot with the Sadhus, while others had Sheesha. Stupor music was resounding through air, at 3 toward the evening. It was quite obvious at this point, this was one place where the gathering goes on relentless, throughout the day throughout the night. What’s more, in the event that you wish to appreciate Kasol, you better relish the flower child vibe.

Be that as it may, we were ravenous and needed to savor some great nourishment. Amid our genuinely short stay, we had the chance to eat at a couple of spots. In this way, here’s my pick:

Moon Dance Café – German Bakery

Hot Chocolate – Moon Dance Cafe

Hot Chocolate – Moon Dance Cafe

Passing by the flower child vibe of the place, everybody here appeared to be not in the state of mind to do anything, including the staff. Luckily, there’s constantly one person who is given the duty of “taking care of the visitors”. We figured out how to arrange for a few juices and espresso. Despite the fact that the place wasn’t in an awesome shape, the Coffee and Watermelon-Papaya juice were truly pleasant. They have a broad menu with numerous Italian dishes, other than heaps of Israeli rarities. Just next to their seating, they have a counter for Pancakes/Waffles and a German Bakery, from where you can purchase escargots, cinnamon moves, brownies and numerous such treats.

Must Have: Chocolate Brownie, Juices and Macaroni.

Stone Garden Café

Lafa – Stone-Garden-Cafe


It was 3 O’clock toward the evening, when we went to Stone Garden bistro. One can hear the trippy daze music from miles away. The hallucinogenic set up and neon hues, just transported us to some other time. The smoky, trippy air can truly get to you, in both great and awful ways. It is possible that you appreciate it or not, you can’t escape it. We requested a Chicken Lafa and influenced to with the beats of daze music.

Must Have: Chicken Lafa, Sheesha.


Falafel-Evergreen Cafe


Obviously the most well known bistro in Kasol, Evergreen appreciates the greatest number of Israelis guests. Including Tahina, Hummus, Shakshuka, Falafel and Grilled Mashed Eggplant, the menu here is immense. The open air cultivate seating, confronting the Parvati valley is to a great degree well known with their clients. Indeed, even sadhus visit the bistro every now and again and in spite of the dialect obstruction, they invest a considerable measure of energy with the Israeli explorers.

Must Have: Falafel, Hummus with Zatar Naan, Grilled eggplant and Chocolate Oreo Shake

Shambu momo Corner

Chicken-Momo – Shambhu’s-Momo-Corner

Appropriate inverse to Moon Dance bistro, there’s a Momo Corner by the name of Shambhu Momo Corner. He offers fricasseed and steamed momos with red stew and yogurt based plunges. His momos are succulent and fiery. There’s a stopgap game plan for seating, where you can sit and appreciate diving into the succulent momos. Shambhu’s proprietor likewise gives you a chance to have your own alcohol, while you sit at his joint.

Must Have: Chicken Momos

Kasol is a special place. It resembles an isle amidst mountains, where the blending of nearby and outsider societies, has brought forth another method for living.

All things considered, this is the rundown of spots, I could visit in a day. In the event that you all have been to Kasol and in the event that I have passed up a major opportunity for setting off to some truly marvelous place, please let me know in the remarks.

Till at that point… Bum bholey!

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